About Us
Let Us Care Montessori School is a child care service provided
pre-school children, 3 to 6 years of age following the
Montessori method of learning. The facility is designed to
provide the children with sequential learning materials and
learning experiences which are the building blocks for practical
life's activities and cognitive, social and emotional development.
 Children are grouped, all ages together, in an integrated child
care atmosphere.  Hours of operation are from 7:00 AM to 6:00
PM Monday through Friday. Full day, Half day (morning and
afternoon), Pre-Primary, Extended day and Kindergarten
programs are offered.

Let Us Care Montessori School believes children learn best in
atmosphere where purposeful activity and experiences promote
the foundation for successful learning and high self-esteem.  
Learning materials and the child's environment are specifically
prepared by the directress.  These materials are used to
facilitate a new experience and learning concept for the child.  
Children freely learn to explore, observe, test, and form
theories of learning.  The role of the directress is to provide a
non competitive environment of learning where social skills,
emotional growth, physical coordination, and cognitive
preparation are nourished in each child through various learning
experinces and the specific play materials provided.  To
encourage self-discipline, self-knowledge, and
independence as
well as enthusiasm for learning.  Pre-reading, writing skills and
basic math skills are introduced to the children by the materials
and the environment.

Let Us Care Montessori School is dedicated to children and the
fulfillment of their most basic needs which will lead them to
become a happily integrated person who can successfully meet
all the challenges of life.